Plywood Stand Up Podium 45 Height (Black)


This podium comes with a poster fast. It can be used as a banner holder, hanging signs and other types of posters. It’s a great alternative to the conventional ways to hang posters. These snap-on poster bars feature snap rails that allow you to change the poster easily. This hinged poster hanger is made of sturdy aluminum. It’s already assembled and ready to use. The hinged poster hanger has a bottom rail to ensure that your poster stays tight.


It is a good lectern solution with 15 degrees viewing angle for ergonomic posture. It has an interior shelf for keeping notes and presentation materials organized. Microphone slot lets the users to install any presentation and communication equipment tidy and well organized. Because of the natural differences in wood, no two items will look the same. Each item is designed from the same type of wood, but each will have its unique appearance and wood-grain.

This podium made from Europe’s largest hardwood producer and world market leader for timber. Highly automated, efficient industry production designed to meet the most stringent quality requirements of the display industry. The optimized drying process guarantees low-stress wood and uniform coloring. It has a fine, tight grain and even texture. To ensure the sustainability of the quality, plywood podiums are lacquered finish.

This lectern can be used on every occasion that needs to take the attention of the audience. Adding style to any speech, this lectern can be used in conference rooms, meeting halls and religious establishments to make presentations, in the classroom to give lectures, or in restaurants to keep reservations and waiting lists handy.

Additional information

Weight 39.680 lbs
Dimensions 20.08 × 44.88 × 3.74 in


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