Fort Straight Desktop Menu Holder with Acrylic U Type Pocket (2 Pack) (Dark Wood, 5.5×8.5)


With The help of U shape Pocket, take the benefit of being able to load paper from the top to prevent tampering of the contents inside, making it easy to clean and rapid content change. The acrylic pocket protects your menus from direct hazards like spills of food and fizzy drinks.


Modern style, made of beech wood. This menu holder is a light and affordable solution for restaurants, retail stores, and any commercial environment. Simply slide the leaflet into grooves of the wooden columns. Prints are easy to change from the top. This item is made of wood. Because of the natural differences in wood, no two items will look the same. Each item is designed from the same type of wood, but each will have its unique appearance and wood-grain.

This Desktop Menu Holder is made of the finest materials while providing the highest level of quality. Basic and vintage styles offer options to users. To ensure the sustainability of the quality, It’s lacquered finish which is resistant to the spill of food and fizzy drinks.

Excellent way to get attention when you want to display marketing advertisements, restaurant menu, promotions, important messages or any personal photo frame. These holders can be used in a multipurpose setting, whether this may be at your place of business, office, outdoors, markets, cafes, events like convention, wedding, birthday, party or even in your home.

Additional information

Weight 0.850 lbs
Dimensions 8.66 × 9.45 × 3.94 in


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