Desktop Wooden Card Holder, 5-Tiered, 25 pockets, natural wood


This product is known for its convenience, No need to mount anything on the wall with this desktop organizer
This product is great for both professional and home use, with its beautiful wood finish it is sure to bring character to any room
This product is made from quality material to ensure long lasting products. Warranty included
This product is great for freeing up space on tables, desks, counters, and more! Pocket inner measurements are 3.58″x0.51″x1.96″


Desktop Wooden Card Holder is designed to store and organize business cards, folded brochures and maps in one convenient location for busy areas. It is constructed of lacquered finished beech wood. The pockets are tiered one on top of each other showing enough of stored card or brochure. It provides you gain a wider area in offices, banks, travel agents, hospitals, hotels and more. Folded flaps provides flat packing and comfort for storage. Slide in support bar keeps the unit stable in use

Additional information

Weight 5.36 lbs
Dimensions 14.17 × 23.62 × 3.15 in


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