Ceiling Hanging Sneeze Guard, Cough Barrier, Clear Protective Separator 47.25×27.55


Clear hygienic barrier helps protect you from unwanted contamination from airborne viruses as well as bacteria and germs that can be caused by coughing or sneezing. It helps keep your social distance with customers and colleagues. Ready for use with each 78.74 inches long two wire cable and ceiling hangers. Moving hangers helps balancing the Fasting Profile.



Made of top-quality PET material. It has a great transparency. Easy to install, you can place these screens side by side to create a protective guard for counter or desks in public use, receptions, pharmacies and spaces for workers.

Our products are manufactured and imported from Europe. This Hygienic Barrier is made of the finest materials while providing the highest level of quality. Clear PET separator is resistant to shatter. The aluminum Fasting Profile makes the product durable yet light for easy hanging. The anodized finish will protect the bars from dust and light scratches.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It can be used in a multipurpose setting, whether this may be at your place of business, office, markets, hospitals, pharmacies. It can be used on checkout desks, or as a retail shop transaction window, or as an office counter separator.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 47.25 × 27.55 × 0.5 in


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