8.5×11 Adjustable Floor Menu Stand & Floor Sign Stand


Show boards are great announcement signs to display your advertisements, posters or graphics. This silver anodized floor stand is easy to assemble and use. Just mount the base to the post and place your poster in the frame. Heavy steel base provides stability.


Adjustable menu board holds 8.5×11 signs either in portrait or landscape position. The frames are easily adjustable to the eye level. Frames simply snap open and close to change the posters. Sign boards have anti-glare poster cover sheet to protect the posters from dirt and any damage as well as to prevent glaring. The frames accept posters and paper signs up. Each stand comes unassembled with a fixing set and an instruction sheet explaining how to set and use.

Single sided free standings provide an aesthetic of radiance and striking visual appeal that will always capture the customer’s attention. They fit in different business environments and appropriate for all industries where there is traffic in open to public places.

Additional information

Weight 9.369 lbs
Dimensions 12.80 × 51.18 × 1.77 in


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