27″w x 67″h Totem Poster Display Stand Double Sided, With Light



Front loading floor stand creates more visibility and highlights your announcements with its sturdy aluminum frame. The brightly illuminated display captures the attention of passersby. These curved light boxes are popular for all kinds of commercial, organizational and institutional presentations.



The purpose of a totem is drawing attention and strengthening the brand. This double sided floor stand is easy to assemble and use. Heavy steel base and four rubber footings provide stability.

Top quality LED display stand is ideal to display two 27″w x 67″h posters. Snap open frames have magnetic anti-glare poster cover sheet to protect the poster from dirt and any damage as well as to prevent glaring. It is very easy to change the poster. Simply flip open the long sides of the frame, lift the lens, slide your sign into plastic clips and place the lens back down where magnets securely hold it in place. Curved totem is supplied with 78.7 inches electrical cable with plug. Power supply provide 7/16 operating long product life. The LED boxes saves up to 60% energy costs. They consume less energy since their LED lighting is lower voltage compared to other signage display frames in the market. FCC and UL certified, PAT tested. The frames accept posters and paper signs up to 0.008 inch thick. Each stand comes unassembled with a fixing set and an instruction sheet explaining how to set and use. Each unit has 2 ventilation holes located on the top of the display stand to help dissipate any heat buildup.

Additional information

Weight 64.265 lbs
Dimensions 30.91 × 46.06 × 3.74 in


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