23.6 x 47.25 Wood A board outdoor, chalk surface, dark wood


Suitable for outdoor places such as restaurants,cafes,bars,malls , offices and education centers.

•Beech Wood
•Dry-wipe and chalk surface with magnetic feature
•No-ghost after cleaning
•Lacquered finish


Wood Aboard Outdoor, Chalk surface

It is made of solid Beech wood. Aluminum composite backing provides availability for open air usage for Outdoor A Board.
The erasable surface enables for erasing the messages and transmit them to your audience while keeping as updated.

Chalkboard pen can be used for black surfaces to display the messages. Also water-based and scent free markers are proper for writing on it.

Additional information

Weight 33.95 lbs
Dimensions 28.15 × 58.66 × 2.36 in


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