22w x 28h WindPro Silver Frame Gray Water Base Sidewalk Sign


A new stunning look for Pavement Signs ! It consists of 2 main articles; the frame and base unit which supports the legs of the product. It is very practical to change the poster; it can be easily loaded, has no sharp edges and is flexible. The spring connectors stabilize the position of poster. Suitable for windy and rainy outdoor conditions, the water wick around the frame protects the poster within. Round corners guarantee maximum safety on the pavement. Heavy long feet provide stability. Single packed with an easy assembly sheet & fixing set.


Bigger is better! If you’re looking to stand out among your competitors these pavements signs with two 22″w x 28″h aluminum snap-open frames are just for you! Catch the attentions of drivers by your eye-catching poster on one side and those quickly walking by with your to-the-point message on the other side.

Save your time and your money! Affordable yet durable these sidewalk displays are perfect for restaurants, retail stores or salons to promote their upcoming sales or events outside their facility.

To set up, simply slide your posters underneath the non-glare lenses and snap the molding shut.

Come with built-in handles and wheels making repositioning easier.

Marketing doesn’t stop in windy weather! These sandwich boards stand still with their water-fill base in uncontrollable weather conditions.

They have spring shocks located on the bottom of each frame allowing the pavement signs to sway with heavy winds, while the water base keeps them in place.

These pavement signs have no sharp edges for safety in public open areas, suitable for use in crowd, has steel springs for flexibility in wind.

The spring connectors stabilize the position of your poster.

Poster use is double sided.

Ground wheels in upside position enable easy movement of the product.

Additional information

Weight 30.09 lbs
Dimensions 28.34 × 22.8 × 40.9 in


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