22w x 28h SwingPro Silver Frame Silver Feet Sidewalk Sign


A new stunning look for Pavement Signs ! It consists of 2 main articles; the frame and feet unit which supports the legs of the product. It is very practical to change the poster; it can be easily loaded, has no sharp edges and is flexible. The spring connectors stabilize the position of poster. Suitable for windy and rainy outdoor conditions, the water wick around the frame protects the poster within. Round corners guarantee maximum safety on the pavement. Heavy long feet provide stability. Single packed with an easy assembly sheet & fixing set.


SwingPro is another effective yet practical pavement sign from Displays Market Pro line.

Silver matte finish gives this sidewalk sign a stunning and elegant look whilst enhancing the effect of your message, and hence it is a surefire way of grabbing the attention of the passersby.

Being sturdy and longlasting, it is an outdoor display which can be used for a long time, safely.

Suitable for auto showrooms, car rental shops, restaurants, cafes or any retail shop you can name.

The SwingPro sidewalk display consists of 2 main articles; the aluminum profiled frame where double-sided posters are displayed and a dual spring base to support the curb sign against wind less than 30 mph without tipping over.

22 x 28” posters can be displayed back to backÐwhether both with the same or different graphic- on this double-sided outdoor sign.

Who doesn’t want the message to be seen from every aspect, no matter it is rain or shine! Better yet, it is very practical to insert or change the poster; you snap open the profiles all on four sides, place the graphic in the frame than the non-glare lenses and snap close.

Get a SwingPro and sell your product even before your prospect customers are in your shop!

Additional information

Weight 26.01 lbs
Dimensions 26.18 × 40.55 × 1.57 in


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