22w x 28h SwingPro Black Frame, Black Feet Sidewalk Sign


A new stunning look for Pavement Signs ! It consists of 2 main articles; the frame and feet unit which supports the legs of the product. It is very practical to change the poster; it can be easily loaded, has no sharp edges and is flexible. The spring connectors stabilize the position of poster. Suitable for windy and rainy outdoor conditions, the water wick around the frame protects the poster within. Round corners guarantee maximum safety on the pavement. Heavy long feet provide stability. Single packed with an easy assembly sheet & fixing set.


This matte black outdoor display with an aluminum construction is very suitable for mild weather conditions to use outside of restaurants, retail stores, shopping centers, theaters and night clubs.

Its distinctive design will elegantly emphasizes your upcoming events, deals, promotions or messages you want to give.

It is formed of two rugged springs which are connected to the heavy-duty base, providing flexibility.

These heavy long feet provide stability, which is a very important feature for a pavement sign for safety reasons.

The black metal snap frame allows you to insert and remove your 22″ x 28″ printed graphics just in a few minutes easily.

This double-sided sidewalk display comes with non-glare lenses to protect your posters.

It is shipped unassembled.

don’t worry, it is very easy to assemble.

This outdoor sidewalk has double sided snap frame, snap frames are easy to use.

Simply flip up the four sides and place in your poster required under the anti glare overlay.

Anti glare protective overlay is a weather resistant film, protecting the poster from dust and damage.

Suitable to use in outdoor conditions in front shops and very common in gas stations.

The water wick surronding the interior of the frame protects the posters from rain outdoors.

Round safe corners guarantee maximum safety on the pavement.

Additional information

Weight 26.01 lbs
Dimensions 26.18 × 40.55 × 1.57 in


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