22w x 28h A Frame Board Premium Silver Changeable Header


This heavy duty pavement sign is a perfect use for displaying posters and advertising signs with your own logo. Provides practical use, quick change-poster and logo. The replaceable composite plate is an ideal spot for a logo or a permanent message, suitable for outdoor conditions. You can print your logo directly or laminate on aluminum composite plate. The frame is hinged for easy transport and storage, with a locking stay to secure when open.


If you present compelling Sidewalk signs you’ll absolutely peak passerby curiosity and encourage impulse sales. These free-standing dual sided a-frames are great outdoor solutions to make your business immediately recognizable to on-the-go customers with maximum poster sign exposure. These pavement signs are made from weather resistant aluminum and are satin silver in color. So, it does not matter what the weather forecast is. And what’s more they are lightweight and portable. That’s why they are no.1 preference of many hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, clubs and bars to display menus, movies posters, and sale advertisements. Unlike regular cheap sidewalk signs , these pavement signs have additional graphic area on their heads to make the focus squarely on your brand. You can either display your business titles, slogans, or marketing graphics whatever you want to put in your customers focus. So easy-to-display and so easy-to-change To insert graphics, simply flip open each of the 4 edges on the snap frame, peel back the clear, non-glare PET poster protector and insert poster into the poster holder grooves. After you have placed the poster in the display reapply the poster protector, flip the snap frame and close. Sidewalk signs feature 2 easy-to-use aluminum snap frames allowing to change posters in seconds thanks to their spring-loaded edges which easily flip open and shut. The two metal hinges on the interior of a-frames ensure stabilitymaking the storage of storefront signs easy when the frame signs are not in use. It’s time to showcase your businessand impress your prospects to make them your brand buyers.

Please Note: Product is not intended for use in stormy weather, including high winds, rainstorms, extreme heat, freezing temperature or snow storms.

Additional information

Weight 25.132 lbs
Dimensions 25.59 × 46.46 × 4.53 in


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